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Frozen the Musical: a snowball of success that melts Frozen haters hearts

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Frozen is one of the most loved and hated Disney movies of all time. Earning more than $1.2 billion and scoring 90% fresh on rotten tomatoes it is evident the film is loved. However, I constantly overhear haters complaining that the movie is overhyped, overplayed, and not worth the watch. 

Despite the fact that teens and parents alike might be sick of the Frozen craze, Disney thrives off the fact that the craze is still alive, prompting them to produce its story into a musical. 

When I heard that Frozen was becoming a musical in March of 2018 I just thought it was a genius idea by Disney to rack in all the dough possible from the Frozen craze. However, after witnessing the show I think it is the perfect way to melt Frozen haters icy hearts and open their eyes to the shows greatness.

The most spectacular thing about Frozen is its plot. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past nine years, Frozen is the story of Arendelle and Princess Anna’s journey to save the kingdom from the eternal winter set off by her sister, Elsa. 

Although now we all know that Hans is the bad guy and that sisterly love saves Anna, at one time we didn’t. Due to the fact Frozen is constantly played, its haters forget how shocking and revolutionary its plot was due to the fact that the element of surprise has disappeared. Although the musical’s plot is identical, seeing the story on real life human bodies can enlighten one to its strength and allow the audience to see how well written the plot is. The story is funny, action packed, heart felt, and so much more. I truly believe that due to this fact that there is something in the show for everyone. 

On top of witnessing an amazing plot in a new way, seeing the musical allows viewers to appreciate the actors and their portrayals of animated characters. The Frozen National tour directed by Michael Grandage with book and music by Jenifer Lee, Robert Lopez, and Kristen Anderson-Lopez has a fabulous cast of actors who bring to life the characters from the screen. 

It’s evident in watching the musical that each actor has brought to life their character in addition to adding their own unique spin on the character. Lauren Nicole Chapman (Princess Anna) does an astonishing job acting just like Anna from the screen while still adding new elements to the character that the audience has never seen before. 

Dominic Dorest (Kristoff) and Will Savarese (Hans) are just as likable and hateable as in the movie, and the ensemble, who is not featured very much in the movie, is inspiring to watch creating strong backup vocals and executing Rob Ashford’s choreography fabulously. 

In addition to the world created by the actors, the lighting, sound, and stage effects in the show were incredible and just as magical as the movie. Caroline Bowan (Elsa) executed her Let it Go dress reveal perfectly and did a great job with all the special effects relating to her powers. 

Both Olaf and Sven were expensive looking puppets that were intriguing to watch. I constantly found myself wondering how Elsa did a magic trick or how the puppet was able to move, creating a whole new element of entertainment from watching the show. 

The moving set was so elegant and had so many pieces to really get the audience immersed in the story. In literally every single scene I felt like I was seeing a new set piece brought out and was so impressed by the level of detail in all the pieces. 

Let it Go was by far the most detailed and amazing scene purely because of the amazing set. Screens transformed the stage into an ice castle and lighting and sound effects created the illusion that Elsa was really creating this world on stage for us. 

Seeing an animated film brought to life is truly inspiring. Filled with amazing sets, unique lighting, and additional songs and content Frozen: the Musical is definitely worth the trip to the Fox. 

So, although my father might have been bullied by his work friends that he was going to the Fox to see Frozen with his 17 year old daughter on a Saturday night, I would challenge those people to go see it themselves and see if Frozen: the Musical can thaw their, “frozen heart.”


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