Panorama: Letters to the Editor

Panorama welcomes letters to the editor in response to anything we publish. Please follow the guidelines below when submitting letters to the editors. Letters can be submitted by email to [email protected] or to room 1311 at LHWHS. Panorama reserves the right to limit letters to the editor based on space constraints. Letters to the editor may be published online at in place of the Panorama newsmagazine.

Guidelines for letters to the editor:

  • No profanity/ non-protected speech
  • 300 word limit
  • Accurately researched
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • The Panorama reserves the right to edit all letters to meet AP style and our in-house style guide
  • Letters must be signed with accurate names
  • Clearly label the article that the letter is in response to (ex: in response to the Feb. 2020 article: Snapchat doesn’t have a time limit”)