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Another Man’s Treasure

Thrifting tips and experiences
Ella Bender
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Thrifting Etiquette

1. Think before you buy: consider if you will actually use this item or if you just want it because it’s cheap or trendy. If you find that you want the item for the wrong reasons, leave it for someone else. 

2. Put items back where you found them: after you’ve tried on clothes, put them back on the rack. If you knock a shirt off its hanger, hang it back up instead of leaving it on the ground. Don’t make the thrift store employees clean up after your mess. 

3. Donate your unwanted items: Give back to the community by donating any unwanted items to a local thrift store. If you don’t find use in something anymore, someone else probably will. But please make sure the items are not broken or dirty.


Thrifting Strategy

1. Wear tightly-fitting clothes: This way, you can try on your finds over your clothes if there is no dressing room. 

2. Go in with a general goal: To help you not get overwhelmed, set goals such as searching specifically for a green sweater or a denim maxi skirt.

3. Plan: Plan your thrift trip for right after a weekly restock to have first grabs at new items. 

4. Don’t be discouraged: If you don’t find something one day, you may find it another day. Going to the thrift store often will increase your likelihood of finding the things you want. 


De-popping Off

An overview of a Ladue Depop reseller and his experiences 

Jeremiah Pinex (11) sells shoes and clothes on Depop, an online store where anyone can sell and buy secondhand clothes. He joined Depop because he enjoys fashion and selling clothes allows him to be more involved in the fashion community.

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Ella Bender
Ella Bender, Staff
This is junior Ella Bender's first rodeo (her first year on Panorama). In their free time, Ella enjoys visiting Wally's, dressing her dogs up in toddler clothes, and sticking their hand in a cake for the nation's best newsmagazine.
Jay Heintz
Jay Heintz, A&E Editor
Junior Jay Heintz is the Arts and Entertainment editor on panorama. It is her second year on staff. She enjoys reading and spending all of her money at the goodwill bins.
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