Ranking Types of Water Bottles


My handy dandy, everyday water bottle

St. Louis’s weather is finally ideal (probably only for a day or two). Jokes aside, the weather forecast predicted it was 70 degrees and STL weather stayed true to The Weather Channel’s numbers. I can affirm this, because as I stepped foot outside today around 5pm, it actually felt like 70 degrees. It’s the perfect 70 degrees, where you can wear shorts or capris or jeans or anything you’d like frankly. But, I also could argue that due to the glaring beams from the sun it wasn’t exactly the flawless 70 degree weather, since there were no slight wind breezes (Hello, wind?).

Therefore, as we need the start of spring and, sooner than you think, summer, there’s something you need: a water bottle, which is sustainable and user-friendly! Because without it, you won’t have a place to store precious water to hydrate yourself with. With that being said, here are my different rankings of types of water bottles. So, hopefully, you can help yourself to take my advice next time you are shopping for a water bottle. 


     1. Metal Water Bottle

The best, simply the best type of water bottle. It’s safe, functional and practical. What more could you ask for?? These bottles are resilient to blows to it’s head and body, when dropped on the hard ground. An added plus is that it stores water at the temperature you’d like. For instance, when I pour warm water into my water bottle in the morning, it stays warm even at night when I take a sip before I sleep. Same goes for cold water insulation; ice cubes and cold water stay put which presents itself as my savior in the summer. Thus, I urge you to purchase metal water bottles.

Some common and affordable brands that are BPA free and dishwasher safe are Takeya, Hydro Flask, Yeti and CamelBak. 

     2. Glass Water Bottle

If you like to be a little fancier or just don’t like metal water bottles, you can enjoy a lovely glass water bottle. Sadly, some downsides to the glass bottle is that one must be extra careful using it and the bottle doesn’t retain heat or cold. But, don’t worry, there are many advantages to using a glass bottle as it is environmentally friendly, durable, and naturally toxin free. 

Some good recommendations of these bottles are Takeya Glass Water Bottle, Contigo Purity Glass, Swig Savvy Glass and Ello Syndicate Glass. 

    3. Disposable Plastic Water Bottles

I needed to include this type, because so many people carry one. It’s a convenient option, but you shouldn’t always opt for the easier things. Plastic bottles should be the last resort — it’s only for if you can’t possibly find any water bottles. While at times water bottles add that extra weight in your bag, not using plastic bottles lifts the burden off of plastic waste that is devastating our planet. So, if you use a plastic bottle, please please please make sure or make an effort to recycle. Please and thank you. 

Some brands that you can use are Aquafina, Dasani, Smart Water, Evian, Ice Mountain, and more. 


So, that wraps up some of my water bottle recommendations. If there is anything I want you to take away is: drink enough water! Did you drink plenty of water today? Did you? Be honest or your body will be honest to you. If not, now is your time: go get up and drink some water!