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Snack Attack

Rating the best and worst snacks to bring to school
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Clif Bar

Clif Bars are nothing short of amazing. The packaging does them justice because every time I eat a Clif Bar I feel like I could climb a mountain. They are just that good. Despite the aftertaste leading me to believe they are made in the same factory as Purina dog food, you can’t go wrong with a Clif Bar. The rush of the first bite mimics the feeling of skydiving off a cliff, so if you want to fly high, then Clif Bars are for you.


Fruits & Veggies

I finally understand why bunnies are always talking about carrots. The realiza- tion I had that fruits and vegetables are tasty and something I should bring to school was astronomical. With produce coming in its own edible packaging, it’s the perfect quick bite to calm your grumbling stomach during W4 Spanish. If you’re looking to channel your inner health nut and try out the school snack of the century, pick up some fruits and vegetables.



Who would have thought that putting cheese into the oven
and making it into delightful little squares would create one of the most iconic school snacks of all time? Although there is a chance that your snack will be crushed in your backpack and end up resembling Pompeii after the volcano, you will never be let down by these incredible culinary creations. There is truly nothing in this world that could beat the perfectly-wed mix of cheesy and salty flavors that encapsulate the Cheez-It we all know and love. 



Do you really like candy as a snack, or do you just like the idea of candy? Sure, at first candy is great, but once your class becomes aware you have some, you will never hear the end of: “Can I get a piece?” After consuming the entire bag, you will be left with one of the most heinous, gut-turning stomach aches of your entire life that will fully distract you from your class. It’s best to leave candy as a snack for the movies, not for school.



I’m not sure who decided that we should leave milk out to sit and turn into a slimy snack, but whoever it was belongs in jail. Yogurt is a horrible snack to bring to school and will result in an explosion all over your bag, or a spoiled mess in the heat that will give you food poisoning. There is no good outcome when bringing yogurt to school, so don’t do it. Next time you want a snack for school, leave yogurt in the fridge.

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Josh Devine
Josh Devine, Staff
Sophomore Josh Devine is a staffer on Panorama. This is his first year on staff. Josh enjoys skiing and traveling.
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