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Illustration by Tarek Al Husseini

PANO PERSPECTIVE: Students should attend larger varieties of sports games to encourage all athletes

Editorial Board 1 day ago

When was the last time you attended a cross country meet, a water polo game, a tennis match or even stopped by a wrestling meet? These are some examples of sports here at Ladue that have a disproportionately...

Mickey Mouse Protests Disneys Rainforest Destruction

Allen Hates Politics, Part 15

Allen You, News Editor May 4, 2022

I hate Governor Ron DeSantis. I would never think I would side with the international conglomerate media supergiant, but here I am, defending Disney. So, let’s all take a deep breath and have a quick...

Pledge of Allegiance by children

Allen Hates Politics, Part 14

Allen You, News Editor April 22, 2022

I hate patriotism. I’ve been getting a lot of TikToks on my For You Page talking about red flags in relationships, and they just keep getting more and more specific. There is, somehow, an agreed consensus...

Pictured is a post from my spam account that enthusiastically reads, “Yasss” to the three bags of Trader Joe’s version of Taki’s and a grapefruit that I rushed to Trader Joe’s to purchase after I thought they were discontinued. They were not discontinued, Trader Joe’s has just been having shipping issues as I was informed by the cashier that checked me out.

Love letter to Trader Joe’s Rolled Corn Tortilla chips: Chili & Lime flavored

Sydney Collinger March 25, 2022

As I inched my way through Hanya Yanagihara’s insanely depressing, though beautifully written, sophomore novel, A Little Life, my number one companion was the Trader Joe’s Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips:...

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