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Why Finals are Necessary

Bryson Liang, Staff Writer May 7, 2021

For many students at Ladue, finals week is dreaded and stressed over. The pressure of taking multiple exams in a short period of time causes students to go into a frenzy, studying furiously for their tests....

Ethan Willick's Crossword Key

Ethan Willick’s Crossword Key

Ethan Willick, Editor in Chief May 3, 2021

Videogames are modern sports

Videogames are modern sports

Devanshu Pandey March 29, 2021

The general public still hesitates in referring to videogames as sports. Oftentimes, videogames are stigmatized as a “waste of time” which some comically claim may “rot your brain.” This is essentially...

Let's reduce the voting age

Let’s reduce the voting age

Allen You March 29, 2021

Are 16-year-olds old enough to vote? This is the essential question San Francisco asked its citizens alongside the presidential vote on November’s ballot last year. A proposition to decrease the voting...

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