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Interview ABC’s

A guide to succeeding in job interviews as a high schooler
Vincent Hsiao
Stacked ABC blocks.

Ask Questions

Create a list of questions that you want to ask your interviewer to demonstrate interest. Also, being able to ask questions straight away will help you become more confident during your interview.

Be Confident

Enthusiasm for the job is a vital step to success. Make sure your employer knows you want the job, because without being confident, you may show your interviewer that you are not serious about the opportunity.

Come Prepared

Be familiar with common interview questions and come prepared with answers. This will show that you are committed to the interview and give the interviewer some insight to what you’d be like if they hired you as an employee.

Dress Professionally

Making a good first impression in your interview is an essential first step to getting the job you want. Dressing well will show the interviewer that you’re willing to put in the effort to be hired and want to be taken seriously as a candidate.

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About the Contributors
Ira Rodrigues, Staff
Ira Rodrigues is a sophomore staff member on Panorama. This is her first year on staff. Ira loves reading, watching old movies, and anything chocolate.
Sophomore Marie Demkovitch is a staff writer on Panorma. This is her first year on staff. Marie enjoys playing tennis and trying new cooking recipes.
Vincent Hsiao, Photo Editor in Chief
Sophomore Vincent Hsiao is the photography editor in chief for Panorama. He was previously a staff photographer for Ladue Publications where he significantly contributed to photos in both the Panorama newsmagazine and Rambler yearbook. Outside of photography, Hsiao is on the Ladue swim team and has been a swimmer since he was six.

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