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Stepping Outside the Box

Now more than ever, niche sports are worth noticing
Olivia Chen

There’s excitement in the air as a family gathers in the living room. They assemble on the couch, and the TV flickers on to a game of … teqball?

Well, why not? From the Bronze Age civilizations to the upcoming Olympic Games, sports have been, are and always will be an important part of human society. They unite us, inspire us and make us stronger. And while “normal” mainstream sports have their benefits, “unusual” niche sports shouldn’t be discounted either.

First, niche sports can help encourage cultural exploration. From medieval European buhurt swordfighting to the Indian sport of kabaddi, many sports have ancient roots with deep cultural significance. They can act as portals across time and space and encourage exploration of others’ cultures and your own. Second, niche sports can sharpen skills needed for other sports. Teqball, for example, can enhance a soccer player’s juggling skills and precision. Finally, niche sports don’t always stay niche. According to Springfield College, the birthplace of basketball, the first basketball game was played with peach baskets nailed to balcony railings. Many other mainstream sports, such as football, baseball, soccer and hockey, have equally humble origins. For all we know, the next big thing is already here.


Invented in 2014, teqball blends elements of ping pong and soccer. Two players or teams pass
a ball back and forth across a curved table. Ladue recently won a teqball table from the United Coaches Association. It’s currently at the Fifth Grade Center.


Chessboxing is a hybrid sport that combines chess with boxing. Two players alternate between blitz chess and boxing until someone loses by checkmate or knockout. Merging these two games forces chessboxers to use both their brains and their brawn to win.

Water Polo

Water polo is a fiercely competitive team sport where two teams of seven attempt to get a ball into
the other team’s goal. Originating in Scotland in the mid-19th century, it has been described by some as one of the most difficult sports in the world.

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Frank Chen, Staff
Sophomore Frank Chen is a staffer on Panorama. This is his first year on staff. Frank runs cross-country, plays tennis and has an unseemly and inexplicable obsession with tanks.
Olivia Chen, Art Editor in Chief
Senior Olivia Chen is the Art Editor in Chief and it is her third year on Panorama. She loves music and movies.

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