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Cheap Eats

Lathan Levy reviews budget friendly food options in St. Louis
Lathan Levy
Various foods found at the reviewed restaurants.
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Taqueria Durango

Behind an unlit sign on Page Avenue lies a hidden gem, Taqueria Durango. Every meal starts with a friendly server delivering a complementary basket of warm tortilla chips and three different salsas, varying in spice intensity. The environment of the restaurant is lively with Mariachi music playing in the background. Ordering from an incredibly expansive and budget friendly menu leads to lightning fast service and delicious food with great portions to leave even the hungriest of eaters stuffed. All in all, a phenomenal f restaurant.

Olivette Diner

Established in 1966, Olivette Diner is a classic breakfast spot in St. Louis. It features various options for seating, like traditional booths and diner tables, along with a bar where you watch food get cooked in front of you. The service was exceptional and employees were super kind. The banana foster pancakes (featured above) were truly incredible. Topped with two scoops of ice cream, this breakfast might be one of my favorite meals ever. The substantial amount of sugar may not be for everyone, but there are other options to satisfy any breakfast cravings on the expansive menu. With great food and constant customers, Olivette Diner has truly stood the test of time.

Schnucks’ Sushi

Coming from an avid sushi critic, when I say Schnucks makes good sushi, you need to trust me. Nearly every day, freshly made sushi is rolled, packaged and put into a refrigerated display. There is a wide variety of rolls, meats and flavor combinations to satisfy any sushi desires. Schnucks uses imitation crab in their rolls, which is still quite tasty, but not as good as the real deal. However, when looking for a high quality roll, I would recommend Wasabi Sushi Bar or Oishi Sushi, even though these options come with steep price tag. As a quick pickup for lunch or a heavy snack, Schnucks sushi is perfect. All things considered, Schnucks, being a grocery story makes pretty darn good sushi.

Michael’s Bar and Grill

Another popular restaurant is Michael’s Bar & Grill. Although this menu features an extremely diverse price range, if so desired, one can eat here for surprisingly cheap. The servers were very kind, however the service was slower than most and the burger that I tried was mediocre. The redeeming factor that put this restaurant on this list is their fries. Hands down the best French fries I have ever eaten. Crispy and perfectly seasoned on the outside, but warm and doughy on the inside. Although not my favorite restaurant, Michael’s Bar & Grill provided a pleasant atmosphere and an all around good dining experience.

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Lathan Levy
Lathan Levy, News, Health & Sports Editor
Junior Lathan Levy is a health and sports editor this year. This is his second year on staff. Lathan enjoys writing and design and has recently gotten into photography.
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