The dangers of going back to in-person school

Until recently the Ladue school district was planning a return to in-person school that would begin on November 30th. Luckily, that date of return was suspended due to a spike in covid cases across the area. However there still are plans to return back to school in the second semester, even though a vaccine may not be developed by that time. Many students in the school district, especially high school, think that e-learning is not the most beneficial way for them to gain knowledge. Oftentimes, zoom breakout rooms sit in silence and classrooms are filled with students with their cameras off. Nevertheless, we must make the most out of this unideal situation in these unprecedented times. Instead of risking students’ lives to the deadly covid-19 virus, we can keep them safe at home with e-learning. 

An example of the dangers that can arise when reopening schools can be found in Greenfield Central Junior High School. Just hours into the first day of class, the school was contacted by the county health department. A student who had already wandered the halls and been in multiple classrooms tested positive for covid 19. Every single student or faculty member that came in contact with the student had to quarantine for 14 days. 

In order to avoid the same scenario happening to our students, we can join the hundreds of schools across the country that choose to remain virtual. By keeping our students at home, we can give them peace of mind about the virus and allow them to focus on learning.