Stop Hating on Ram Days


Wednesdays.  This school year it seems as though every Wednesday students move slower, act more grumpy and have a look in their eyes that just screams ‘I hate school.’  Why?  The culprit is Ram days.  Seven classes each 50 minutes each.  Apparently, there is nothing worse than going to all your classes in one day, however, I disagree.

Ram days are not typically fun, but then again school usually is not.  But Ram days may just be better than Ladue’s normal block schedule.  Just from a numbers standpoint, each class is shorter.  With 50 minute classes with usually about 15 minutes being wasted here and there brings just 35 minutes that a student has to endure each of their teachers for.  Besides running or doing a plank you should be able to do almost anything for 35 minutes.  But Clayton, you may wonder, what about the sheer number of classes?  Doesn’t that number go up?  Yes…and no.

See the one great thing about having such negative attitudes about Ram days is that many teachers empathize with their students.  This causes English teachers to give silent reading as their assignments during Ram days or math classes to give “work” days.  It is safe to say that at least three of your classes out of the seven will be the equivalent of sitting and staring at paint dry.  So based on your schedule it is possible that you could have “less” classes on a Ram day than on a normal Blue or White day.

The one drawback to Ram days is that for some reason teachers think it’s a great time for short tests and quizzes.  These can stack up.  A physics quiz here or a statistics test here can get pretty hectic.  But, the thing about Ram days is that the classes are only 50 minutes long so the exam must be shorter than a normal one.  Shorter exams are easier.  That is a fact.  So mark another positive for Ram days.  At this point, the only real anger you can have at Ram days is bottled up fury from years past.

Think about how easy we have it this year.  One Ram day per week.  If it is a four day week the Ram day gets dropped.  We used to be able to have two Ram days a week.  We used to be able to have Ram days on Mondays, ON FRIDAYS!  Now we just have one Ram day on hump day and people should realize that it is not the spawn of satan.