Snowball Unites


Taking over a club can be a huge responsibility, and building it from the ground up is a feat to be respected. Giuseppe DiCera took over the Unicef Club as a sophomore two years ago. A strong leader among his community brought change to Ladue Horton Watkins High School.

“When I was a freshman, the school spirit was abysmal. Clubs and sports didn’t receive much support at all, and I thought I couldn’t see the student body collectivized together,” DiCera stated.

After becoming Unicef’s president, he decided to make it his goal to unify the school. The journey of becoming regarded as one of Ladue’s biggest clubs was not an easy one. The goal was to help children around the world and he did it through the Snow Ball.

“Homecoming and prom, around those times, were when the student body was always, somehow, united,” Giuseppe said, “I thought about it, and came up with the idea for a Winter Dance.”

The Winter Dance received undying support from the student body. When the time rolled around for the dance two years ago, things didn’t go as planned. The dance was canceled due to bad weather, and students didn’t respond well.

 “I really felt discouraged after that, honestly, because it’s like I spent a lot of time and effort on something that just went all away,” DiCera admitted.

The following year, the dance was canceled again. A bad reputation started to form around the Snow Ball and it brought rigorous obstacles and new friends to help DiCera tackle them. Shelei Pan, leader of Club Neuro, joined in pursuing the DiCera’s dreams.

“It’s more than just having fun. There’s this charitable aspect that allows us to give back to the community and world as a whole,” Pan expressed.

The Snow Ball is an ambitious, charitable project that, although has failed on multiple occasions, has never failed to try again. Unicef hopes in becoming a beacon of inspiration to unify and amassing widespread support, so that more people can empathize with the poverty, hunger, and lack of education that kids globally face.

“These 10 dollars benefits them with a night of fun, and on the other hand, the 10 dollars goes to kids just like them, across the world, who don’t know if they are going to live the next day,” DiCera explains.

DiCera swallowed his pride and persevere through hardships. Luck and support was never by his side, but his dream was truly altruistic.

“It’s For the Children,” Dicera said.