Physical Education During School


Our country is lacking physical activity. With improved technology and easier modes of transportation, there is no need to incorporate physical activity during the day. However, physical activity is important for both the mind and body to stay healthy. Making It required during school makes sure our students are getting the exercise they need, but may not allow them to take other classes they want to take.

Students are required to take a physical education course freshman year, and at least one more time another year of high school. I believe that Ladue should keep this as the requirement, but allow students to not take a physical education course if they already playing a sport that school year. LHWHS offers so many different types of courses, from multiple science classes to even ceramics and airbrush. However, with only seven class periods and required core classes, It can be hard to squeeze all the classes you want to take in four years. Making physical education required during school makes this even more difficult. Exercise is beneficial as it can help improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression allowing students to perform better in school. But if students are playing a sport after school for around two hours a day, they are already getting the exercise they need. This system isn’t a brand new Idea and already exists at many schools. For example, Carmel High School in Indiana allows students to not take PE during school if they play a sport during the school year, giving students more time to take the courses they want while also ensuring they get the physical activity they need.

Some might say that not all sports provide students with the exercise they need to stay healthy. A simple fix to this issue would be to make a list of what after school sports would count in order to drop PE. Although there is also PE available online to allow you to take another class during school, It adds up to almost $300 a semester which might not be reasonable for everyone. As students are still getting the Physical Activity they need during the day, there are no more problems caused by this system.

Ladue should consider allowing students to not take a physical education course in school if they are already doing a sport during the school year. This allows students to stay healthy and fit, have more time during their schedule to take other classes, and save money by not doing PE online.