Passion For Fashion

It’s 6 a.m. in the morning when your alarm starts blaring. After getting up, you decide to go get dressed for the day ahead. Whether you meticulously picked out clothes the night before or just reached for whatever shirt is clean, fashion is a fundamental part of being a teenager. 

For those interested, the Fashion Club and elective class are open to anyone who yearns for creativity, wants to discover new things or just wants to do fun projects. The Fashion Club meets after school. They teach about the fashion industry while pushing students to create their own clothing line. 

“The class is a lot more about learning about the fashion industry and the concepts about fashion and colors,” junior Anna Long, a president of the Fashion Club, said. “You don’t need to be in the class. We try to do simple activities if you just are interested in fashion.”

Anna Long, with a few other students, run the club under Kim Boyles, who has been a teaching at Ladue for 17 years, sharing knowledge about sewing, interior design and everything in between.

“There’s never a dull moment,” Boyles said. “It’s always something interesting and different. The things that I teach are the things that are so important and that people can use on a daily basis.”

Long’s curiosity led to being a part of fashion, and she created the fashion club with her classmates. She is learning new skills along her journey, fashion has allowed Long to find her true passion and what she wants to do after high school: by expressing herself through clothing in an artistic way. 

“Fashion is something that I’m just very passionate about,” Long said. “Because in a way [fashion] combines emotions and our personalities.”