Middle School Computer Science Club Returns For Its Second Year

Middle School Computer Science Club Returns For Its Second Year

Senior Anthony Wang plans the in-person start of the second year for the middle school computer science club in November. Wang started the club in the 2020-2021 school year to interest more middle school students in programming. 

“Coding is such an important skill to learn in today’s world,” Wang said. “I want to provide programming resources to middle schoolers through this club and get them excited about coding.”

Last year, students attended 1 hour club meetings held virtually on Zoom every Friday. However, this year the middle school is requiring all clubs to have middle school students attend in person. High school students may be able to teach virtually if need be. 

“We actually don’t know if the club is going to be in-person or not since it hasn’t started yet this year,” Wang said. “[Our club sponsor] Mr. Biernbaum said we may be able to hold it online, but he isn’t sure.” 

Students learned basic programming concepts in the first semester, and split into smaller groups based on their interests in the second semester. 

“[We’ll be teaching] the same as last year for the most part,” Wang said. “The basics of Python, web development with HTML/CSS/JS, game development with Scratch and a redesigned cybersecurity course.”

In addition to leading the middle school computer science club, Wang also runs the high school computer science club. 

“If you’re interested, you can also check out the high school CS club,” Wang said. “We make video games, write websites and learn about cool topics. No programming experience is required!”