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Love at First Sight

A first time rom-com watcher reviews classics from the popular genre
Aaron Lin

13 Going on 30

As someone who has never watched a single rom-com before, this was a nice introduction into the world of romantic comedies. The movie starts by introducing 13-year-old Jenna, who is made fun of and bullied by her friends. After traveling into the future as a 30-year-old, she falls in love with her childhood friend, Matt, who is now grown up. There are some questionable parts, such as a mentally 13-year-old Jenna falling in love with 30-year-old Matt, but overall the story, while quite cliche, was a pleasant first rom-com.

500 Days of Summer

As for the second movie I watched, I really enjoyed the story from 500 Days of Summer. The main characters go through a relationship, but it doesn’t work out and they eventually break up. Unlike the standard rom-com where the relationship goes perfectly (to some extent), both main characters understand that they were not meant for each other and move on. Everything was really nice, and I really enjoyed watching the movie! The more genuine plot really made the difference for me.

She’s the Man

In this modern version of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” Viola dresses up as her twin brother Sebastian in order to join the boy’s soccer team because the girl’s soccer team was cut. Even though this would’ve never happened in real life, Viola’s imitation of her twin brother made for many fun, comedic moments. The romantic triangles throughout the film and fun side characters also contributed to a well -made and enjoyable to watch movie.

10 Things I Hate About You

The plot was quite recycled (even for someone who has never seen rom-coms before). Overall, I liked the movie’s vibe, the actors and the scenes, but I had watched movies for 6 hours in a row at this point, so the overused story formula significantly brought it down.

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Aaron Lin, Staff
Sophomore Aaron Lin is a first-year staff on Panorama. Legend says that he has never tasted the delicacy "gum."

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