Carnero Cartero releases their first issue of the year


Annie Pan, Web Editor-in-Chief

On Nov. 12, 2021, the Carnero Cartero released their first Spanish newsletter issue of the year. The Carnero Cartero is a series of bimonthly newsletters written in the Spanish language featuring various pieces of writing and art to encourage and celebrate hispanic events and culture. Typically submissions come from members of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica and revolve around a certain topic or theme. This issue the Carnero Cartero’s theme was centered around El Día de Los Muertos, a celebration to honor those who have passed away.

“It was a simple task to make this issue because we can look at previous issues of Carnero Cartero for reference, so we knew all of the parts we had to add,” Co-Editor-in-Chief and senior Shelby Coates said. “However, the hardest part about making this issue was ensuring we would have enough submissions of art and writing from other Spanish Honor Society members.”

But despite the challenges the Carnero Cartero staff faced, they were able to successfully release their first issue. Compared to last year, the second volume of the Carnero Cartero is significantly longer and vastly different content-wise.

“In the past, there were specific elements we’d include [in the Carnero Cartero], like a game and a short current events article, that would be divided among all the editors,” Co-Editor-in-Chief and senior Nicole Gorrell said. “With the recent focus on submitted student work, though, it’s been really cool reviewing the entries and seeing how students in Spanish identify with Hispanic culture through their written work or visual art. We’ve offered the same opportunity in the past–to submit work–but it’s great to have an issue dedicated to student literature and art.”

In order to create the newsletter, the Carnero Cartero staff met up during seminar. While scrolling through various submissions, the staff recalls various pieces of art that caught their attention.

“My favorites were the poems: ‘Tú y Yo” and “La Catrina,’ Gorrell said. “Writing literature in Spanish seems super obscure and difficult to me, and I was really impressed that fellow students were able to use their knowledge in the language to write fantastic pieces.”

As the school year continues, the Carnero Cartero staff plans on releasing their next issue some time in January. Looking towards the future, they have many hopes for the future of the Carnero Cartero newsletter and encourages everyone to submit and check out their latest release.

“Even if you don’t know Spanish, you should still check out the Carnero Cartero on Ladue’s Spanish Honor Society website,” Gorrell said. “The students worked hard on their work and it turned out wonderfully!”