Ladue High School Hosts Naturalization Ceremony

On Friday Sept. 13, students witnessed a naturalization ceremony that swore in new citizens of the U.S. The swearing-in ceremony was an experience for many students as they watched the United States, embrace and shelter immigrants.

At the ceremony, several speakers from the Ladue administration and judges alike gave touching speeches about the courage of immigrants. These speakers included communications director Susan Downing, Principal Brad Griffith, and the judge that swore-in these immigrants. 

“Ladue hosted a swearing-in ceremony like this 10 years ago, so we were very eager to accept the offer of hosting again,” Principal Brad Griffith said. 

Among some of the new citizens was Tony Thornberry. Originally from London, Thornberry has lived in the United States for 27 years with his Kansas City native wife. 

Thornberry traveled the world until he met his wife in Kansas City, whom he later married. Thornberry also came to the United States to pursue his job interests as well. Most of all, Thornberry credits his pursuit of citizenship to the diversity in the United States. 

“I love that I can walk out on any day and meet people with all sorts of backgrounds,” Thornberry said.

According to Thornberry, driving to a grocery store in London could take hours, whereas Thornberry once drove up to Yellowstone National Park in two and a half hours. Thornberry also regularly enjoys going hiking and exploring in his leisure time. 

“I like how diverse it is, and the diversity ranges from everything about nature and environment, to the people,” Thornberry said. 

British immigrant Tony Thornberry before the naturalization ceremony.