Upcoming Video Games to Check Out

Video games are widely loved around the world, with many series making returns. As a student, fitting in time to game is important to me. Many students really enjoy video games as a form of relaxation. Video games were scientifically found to help the youth enjoy forms of escapism. As a student with essays and projects due almost at the turn of every corner, that small time to game is important to help relieve stress. It is highly encouraged to try a relaxing game such as Stardew Valley or Unpacking when you just need time to yourself. Or you could try an action Roleplaying Game such as Skyrim if you prefer a more action-packed adventure. 

There are many newly released games that have become popular in a small amount of time. This list will not include spoilers! Here I will be featuring some games that I particularly enjoy or have heard good reviews about. This list includes Stray where you play as a cat trying to find its way home in a futuristic and robotic world. There is even an implemented button that lets you just meow. Besides that grand feature, comments say the storyline is amazing yet heartwrenching. There is Genshin Impact which is popular for being an anime RPG (roleplaying game) and the similar Legend of Zelda style. It’s an addicting game that can get you hooked on the story right away. You choose either the boy or girl (this choice does matter actually due to in-game stats. Girl has more attack power while the boy has more defense.) You play as one of those two who was transported to a weird realm while you try to save your sibling, who is the character you did not choose. While Genshin is not technically newly released, it is still in development meaning there are many updates to the game making it new almost every time you pick it up. Finally, Rune Factory Five is a game I personally enjoy. It is a game like Stardew Valley however it has its own charm to it. You do not have to play the previous Rune Factory games to understand the lore. 

However, there are still many unreleased games the world is waiting for. These include Pokemon Scarlet and Violet which will be coming out on November 18, 2022. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, is set for someday on May 12, 2023. Forspoken, is set for release on January 23, 2023. There are many trailers for these games out already. However, for a quick look at these games then this is the right place! 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be Generation Nine in the Pokemon universe. The Paldea region is said to be based in Spain and Portugal. This game will be different from the other games and probably a bit more like Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It is said to be a more open-world experience with three different storylines to explore through. Many Pokemon fans are excited about the game coming out.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is also highly anticipated. It is said to be the sequel to Link’s return to Hyrule. There will be brand new puzzles to solve, exploration, and possibly new gameplay mechanics. There is not much yet known about the game yet, however many past fans might be returning for the beautiful scenery that will be returning on a grand scale with this game. 

Forspoken is set in a high fantasy world with a woman of color being its main character. There has been some controversy with the writing and portrayal of the game however it is anticipated for release nonetheless. You play as a woman named Frey who was transported from New York to a magical world. Trailers have already been released and it is recommended to check them out to see if this game is something you might be interested in as well!