The Fresh Faces of Varsity Field Hockey


Hope, elation and relief spread across the faces of three Freshman as they heard the good news. For Olivia Goeke, Mary Vetter and Sophia Hillman, hearing they made varsity field hockey their first year in Highschool was a sure sign that they tried their best during tryouts.

“When I found out that I had made varsity I felt very happy and kind of relieved because I knew that my hard work had paid off,” Sophia Hillman said.

However, making the team took more effort than usual, especially since they were younger and trying to make it on to a higher-level sport. Before tryouts, the girls made sure to take time to prepare and train for what lie ahead of them. 

“Before tryouts and preseason I ran a lot,” Olivia Goeke said. “I ran miles, 30 minute runs, and did sprints. I also practices with my friends and did camps that improved my skill. This helped a lot in tryouts and preseason because it showed my endurance and helped me keep going during the hot practices.”

Although playing with older teammates can seem daunting and can push younger players out of their comfort zone, the girls found it easy to be part of the team. Immediately, the older players welcomed them with open arms. 

“Everyone on the team is extremely nice which helps a lot,” Hillman said. 

While the younger players felt pressured to try their absolute best, the teammates helped them adjust to a varsity sport smoothly. With the supportive and helpful behavior of the teammates, the girls can continue to succeed. 

“They have helped me improve my confidence with the ball and shooting by encouraging me” Goeke said. 

Overall, playing at a higher level sport has been very beneficial for the new freshman on the team. Not only did it give the new players more experience, but it gave them a chance to play with others of the same difficulty. 

“Playing on varsity really makes me want to try harder and to learn different skills,” Mary Vetter said. “It pushes me to try new things out of my comfort zone.”