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Mac Huffman

Mac Huffman, ID Editor in Chief

Chronic mispeller, usually outdoors, photo obsessed and founding ID Editor in Chief. When Mac's not editing, they're typically designing infographics or writing stories about identity, food and harm reduction. This is their 3rd year and final year on publications staff.

All content by Mac Huffman
Years after diagnosis, Drew is officially cancer-free, but some effects live on. Its just your new normal, Drew said. You kind of live with it forever.

[Photo] Rise Above

Frank Chen, Staff
May 2, 2024
Junior Phoenix Jegel is embraced by vibrant lights, illuminated in bold colors. Jegels unconventional physical presentation has been a direct reflection of their hard-won autonomy. My life hasnt been the most straightforward, Jegel said. But realizing [that] I dont have to live by other peoples standards has made me recognize who I actually am, even when its uncomfortable for me and those I surround myself with.

[Photo] From the Ashes

Katie Myckatyn, Associate Editor
May 1, 2024
Senior Ella Hamlin hangs lights during her technical theater class. Hamlin first enrolled in an independent study in order to further her knowledge of engineering and design. She knows the sound system and the lighting system in the theater better than anyone in the
building, Greg Kendall said.

[Photo] Guiding Light

Ella Braig, Staff
April 30, 2024
Water polo coach Jacob Jagodzinski claps while watching Ladues girls swim team compete at Senior Night. He enjoyed watching his players progress over the season. “Im a pretty patient person outside of the pool, in both my career and just my regular life. Jagodzinski said. But Im a lot more aggressive in water.”

[Photo] Wavebreaker

Ishaan Pandey, Staff
April 29, 2024
Junior Yueheng Wangs piece, “Of Mountains and Seas,” is played by Ladue High Schools top orchestra and band classes April 4. He wrote it in June 2023, drawing inspiration from an ancient Chinese novel titled “Classics of Mountains and Seas.” Wang’s parents and compositional teacher sat in the audience to support him throughout the performance. Many of Wang’s friends, who played the piece, also showed their encouragement. “A lot of my friends were really enthusiastic — [especially] the wind players,” Wang said. “A lot of them would come up to me, [would] want me to help them and would come to seminar every day. It was such a group effort, and it felt like a relief that [the piece] was in good hands.”

[Photo] Crescendo

Arti Jain, Website Editor in Chief
February 23, 2024
Sawyer Bland (12) celebrates a point after a hard rally. He played against one of his friends in a practice game. Pickle ball is great, Bland said. Anyone can play against almost anyone regardless of their skill level and have a decent game.

[Photo] Passion for Pickle

Luke Lochmoeller, Associate Editor
April 27, 2024
Taylor practices with teammates in the Nielson Gym. Taylor was given the position of backspot, the cheerleader who braces the ankles of fliers and calls counts for stunts. “[Cheer is] more of a mindset than a physical aspect because you can gain strength,” Taylor said. “For the mindset, you just need to realize that youre not going to hit it every time. You have to work for it.

[Photo] Full Out

Celina Zhou, Staff
April 29, 2024
Senior Gabe Bernstein works in the school greenhouse. This past summer, Bernstein explored various research opportunities to finally recognize what science fields he would like to pursue. [Research in the summer] helped me narrow down my focus for what I wanted to go into, Bernstein said. I know which sides of plant science and ecological studies I didnt like and which ones I did.

[Photo] In the Lab

Marie Demkovitch, Staff
December 28, 2023
Senior Lizzie Esther works in Ladues film studio developing her film Nov. 20. Lizzie fell in love with the exploratory part of videography: telling peoples stories. [I like to] learn about different perspectives, stories and learn empathy for the world around you, Lizzie said.

[Photo] That’s a Wrap

Mason Eastman, Staff
December 28, 2023
Brinker takes a lap around the track to warm up for her workout. She had just begun working out with her team after a short break preceding the off-season. “I just started working out two weeks ago, but when I was on my break, I realized how much I missed running,” Delaney said. “Like, wow, that was such a big part of me.” (Photo illustration by Mac Huffman and Vincent Hsiao)

[Photo] On the Run

Grace Huewe, Staff
December 4, 2023
Holding her most prized possessions, Talya Weinstein presents her sashes, gear and award pins from various  National American Miss competitions over the course of the year. Talya first won Miss Ladue, then continued on to win Miss Saint Louis, and finally earned her spot to go to the national competition. Talya was excited to present herself in front of a national panel and got to see her pageant friends that shes made along the way who make the long pageant days easier. “Miss Missouri Teen USA was my favorite because I bonded with these girls on a different level,” Talya said. “Most of the girls are very friendly and easy to talk to, and I have a lot of friendships with the girls from the pageants I compete in. I communicate with my pageant friends weekly.”

[Photo] Pageant Princess

Madeline Awad, Staff
December 28, 2023
Cabbage rolls simmer in a pot. The Anton family Immigrated to the U.S. in 1904 and has maintained their Lebanese recipes. “Knowing I’m cooking for family and friends always adds extra love to the pot,” Sophia said.

Sophia Anton’s Cabbage Roll Recipe

Mac Huffman, ID Editor in Chief
November 1, 2023
Tarek Al Husseini puts his bake-off apple crisp into the oven. He was attempting to recreate Macs version without the directions. The original crisp was flakey on the bottom, so I approached it like I would a pie crust, Al Husseini said.

Mac Huffman’s Apple Crisp Recipe

Mac Huffman, ID Editor in Chief
October 30, 2023
Junior Adam Ye performs the violin in the Performing Arts Center. He has practiced and performed in many orchestras, including the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, Community Music School’s Preparatory Program, and the Missouri All-State Orchestra. Through his numerous performances, Ye has found an outlet for self expression through the violin. “The instrument shouldnt be a prison,” Ye said. “It should be a key, a tool for you to explore yourself.”

[Photo] Serenading Strings

Aaron Lin, Staff
December 28, 2023
Freshman Amelie Lock rehearses in the high schools Performing Arts Center. She has acted in various environments, from massive open-air theaters like the Muny, to competitive audition rooms in New York City, to her own bedroom on tape for send-in auditions. No matter the environment, she strove to perform at her best—to treat acting as the art form that it is instead of a job in an industry. There were are a lot of auditions that Im super proud of, and I think that any actor that youll talk to will say the same thing because so often we get really close to a role, Lock said. I think that any actor that youll talk to will say the same thing. Tens of thousands of people submit for every single call that we get, so there are so many auditions that Im proud of my performance for, even if I dont get the role.

[Photo] Setting the Stage

Celina Zhou, Staff
December 28, 2023
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