NBA Finals Preview

On Sept. 30th, Inside Disney worlds NBA Bubble, the Western conference champions the LA Lakers, will play game 1 of the best of 7 series against the Eastern conference champions the Miami Heat for the Larry O’Brien trophy.


The Los Angeles Lakers were widely seen as favorites among NBA Fans and analysts with the addition of Anthony Davis to join forces with Lebron James. Although favorites, getting through Portland, Houston, and Denver has not been easy. 


“I mean, I personally think the Lakers are going to win. They have had a lot of difficult matchups getting to the finals, but now that they’re here I think it can only go one way,” Mekonnen Deneke said.


The Lakers key gameplan will most likely be the pick and roll, which allows them to get either easy slips for the bigs, or getting Lebron onto a smaller player, and letting him take advantage of it. Historically the Lakers are not very efficient 3 point shooters, which means that they need to rely more on allowing lebron and the bigs to work inside the paint. 


“I think that the Lakers inside game is really solid, but the bad shooting is what’s gonna let them down. I say probably lakers in 6 depending on how they shoot,” Tommy Hogan states.


On the flip side, at the beginning of the season, Miami weren’t seen as potential finalists by pretty much anyone. Miami has shown up and proved time and time again that they have what it takes to bring home the ring. 


“I want the Heat to win, and I think after how they played against the Bucks, and the Celtics, that they’ve shown that they want to win more than pretty much anyone in the bubble,” Hogan said.


One of Miami’s biggest assets is their ability to move the ball around constantly, partnered with the fact that almost everyone on their team has the ability to carry the ball and create shots for themselves, or others. The Heat’s 3 point ability is also another really key part of their game, with players like Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and Goran Dragić, all very good shooters. 


“The Heat have some really good shooting, and if Iguodala, and Jimmy Butler have good shooting games, then it’s game over for the Lakers,” Hogan states.


While many see the Lakers to be the clear frontrunners for this series, at the end of the day, all we can do is speculate and cheer on our respective teams. 


“I’m just trying to watch some good basketball,” Deneke said.