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a modern mythos

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i. mapping knossos

tell me how we go on in the dark

listless, stringless, dancing with an echo 

the world a tapestry, unraveled and tangling at 

our feet.


sing me a hymn for daylight

tell me stories of snow on the sea

white glitter reflections, a mirror of sun

these tears of the gods, buried

and remade

lie to me, unremorseful:

promise me we’ll see it again someday.


ii. archer moon

love, call yourself greed and be proud of it / take a peach and devour it / let your lips stain with nectar / let your teeth scrape against the pit / the ragged grind echoing through your throat // oh fallen god, remember divinity / a cloud of ivory dreams; a river of jade in your veins // remember the stars / white light on ink, bleeding open the sky // remember you are not a demon / you are a god / remember there is no difference but the shape of the word on your tongue // remember betrayal and lovesickness are one and the same // breathe open song and storm / your throat scraped bitter, raw and rosy // your love is fragile and worn / a gilded thing left brittle and moon white / don’t you think it’s time to let it break?


iii. prayer for titania

there is nothing golden left in me,

plucked and swallowed by hungry gods

I am gilded; ruination scraped bare.

let me weep at your feet, 

my body a tithe –

take me, love me, break me,

hollow me out into devotion and

an ache for a scrap of your light

and pride.

drown me in larkspur,

ribbons of silk and vine,

and plastic thorns to crown me

devour my name, the syllables sweet

until it, and I, are yours, too.

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Celina Zhou
Celina Zhou, Staff
This is sophomore Celina Zhou's first year on Panorama as a staffer. She likes secondhand books, bullet chess and Wong Kar-Wai movies.
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