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Swift Stages

Mimi Zhou ranks the 10 albums of Taylor Swift’s two-decades-long musical career
Mimi Zhou
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  1. Folklore

    Favorite track: the 1

    Number of skips: 0

    Rationale: Obviously, folklore is at the very top of my ranking. Every song has every thing, making it my only no-skip album on this list.

  2. Speak Now

    Favorite track: Long Live

    Number of skips: 1

    Rationale: Heartbreaking and triumphant, wistful and hopeful, this album is The Taylor Swift Experience. It really can speak now. 

  3. 1989

    Favorite track: This Love

    Number of skips: 1

    Rationale: This is her most popular album for good reason. (Almost) all of the tracks are well written and extremely fun to listen to.

  4. Red

    Favorite track: All Too Well

    Number of skips: 4

    Rationale: This album is full of hits and few with misses. It’s the perfect album for anywhere — the car, karaoke and autumnal walks.

  5. Reputation

    Favorite track: Getaway Car

    Number of skips: 2

    Rationale: While not everyone is faced with international media scandals, this album is surprisingly relatable.  This record spans a wide range of genres and topics, executing all of it with grace.

  6. Lover

    Favorite track: Daylight

    Number of skips: 2

    Rationale: This album is so incredibly sappy and predictable.  It takes advantage of overplayed cliches, catchy hooks and pastel sounds. So, what’s there not to love about Lover?

  7. Fearless

    Favorite track: The Way I Loved You

    Number of skips: 6

    Rationale: This album is the perfect combination of pop and country DNA. But at some point, all of the songs start to mush together into one big hazy family tree. 

  8. Evermore

    Favorite track: happiness

    Number of skips: 2

    Rationale: Folklore and evermore are not the same. One delivers and one falls just short.  The watered-down evermore tracks are fine, but can’t compare to folklore. Don’t ask me why.

  9. Midnights

    Favorite track: Karma

    Number of skips: 2

    Rationale: The bold eccentricity of this album doesn’t really pay off when it comes to memorability. Sorry, it’s boring.

  10. Taylor Swift

    Favorite track: Should’ve Said No

    Number of skips: 3

    Rationale: As her debut album, it’s obvious that there’s room for growth.  Still, she’s a million times more mature than most 16 year olds, at least the ones I know. So while there’s room for maturity, that doesn’t take away from the undeniable catchiness and relatable themes in each track. Nonetheless, this album remains at the bottom.

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About the Contributor
Mimi Zhou
Mimi Zhou, Panorama Editor in Chief
Senior Mimi Zhou is an editor in chief of Panorama. This is her third year on staff. In her free time, she enjoys playing and listening to music, binge watching TV and making soup.
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