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85 Ideas for 85 Days of Summer Vacation

Photo by Sydney Collinger
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  • #1 Tower Grove Farmers’ Market (Photo by Sydney Collinger)

  • #3 Tote bag painting

  • #4 Visit Union Station

  • #12 Play tennis

  • #19 Learn an instrument

  • #22 Go to the Botanical Garden

  • #23 Make a terrarium

  • #36 Crystal shopping

  • #40 Visit the Arch

  • #41 Go on a hike around St. Louis (Pictured: Don Robinson State Park)

  • #42 Go to Johnson Shut-Ins

  • #48 Become a grandmaster in chess

  • #50 Stroll around Forest Park

  • #52 Visit IKEA

  • #59 Do It Yourself pottery glazing

  • #65 Build a Lego city empire

  • #73 Blow bubbles

  • #74 Create your own salad recipe

  • #78 Go kayaking

  • #81 Go to the Art Museum

  • #85 See a performance at the Muny

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  1. Tower Grove Farmers Market
  2. Lemonade stand
    • A throwback to this classic summer activity, consider donating proceeds to a local charity.
  3. Tote bag painting
    • I bought these tote bags off of Amazon, gathered some friends and we painted away! Because of the canvas material of the totes, acrylic paint is a perfectly viable option instead of fabric paint.
  4. Visit Union Station
  5. Hula hoop
  6. Make a book nook
    • Find inspiration on Pinterest and make a little world in between the books on your bookshelf.
  7. Watercolor nature cards
    • Find a pretty plant and with watercolor paint, loosely sketch the shape of the plant on an index card. Once dry, outline with a thin black Sharpie and label your plant!
  8. Garden
  9. Calligraphy
  10. Geocaching
    • At some point in time, many of our elementary school classes have gone outside to go geocaching. But geocaching now is still as fun, or even more, as it was back then.
  11. Clean-up trash
    • Whether it’s at a local park or in your neighborhood, the Earth will thank you for help cleaning it up!
  12. Play tennis
  13. Spike Ball
    • This is a fun outdoor game that doesn’t require as much space. I bought this set from Dick’s Sporting Goods for a discounted price!
  14. Make stickers
  15. Yoga
    • Check out this article on page 33 of our March 2022 sports issue.
  16. Learn outdoor survival skills
    • If you ever happen to find yourself stranded on a deserted island, these might come in handy.
  17. Make candy
  18. Sand art
  19. Learn an instrument
    • learn the guitar or scale down and learn the ukulele… orrr harmonica anyone?
  20. Learn a party trick
  21. Carve soap
  22. Go to the Botanical Garden
    • As an added bonus, see how many different plants you can find that contain an alliteration in their name (ex. Blue Bellflower).
  23. Make a terrarium
  24. Make a rock friend
    • Find a rock that speaks to you (or one that just looks cool) and glue google eyes on it. If you have an extra special connection, you can draw an outfit and makeup for your new rock buddy!
  25. Make a flower crown
    • When making flower crowns, be mindful of your environment. Instead of picking native plant species, use pale yellow flowers of the invasive honeysuckle plant.
  26. Nail art
  27. Knit
  28. Make slime
  29. Assemble a charcuterie board
    • The internet is crazy for charcuterie boards for good reason! They’re easy to assemble and are perfect for so many social occasions, or for just yourself.
  30. Go on a swim
  31. Write a book
    • “Go read a book” is advice we hear often, but what about “write a book”?
  32. Use a disposable camera
    • This is a great way to live in the moment while still having a record of those memories.
  33. Set up a mini-golf course in your backyard
  34. Grow a crystal
    • Conduct your own science experiment at home by growing crystals with water, Epsom salt and food coloring. Or you can buy a kit from a place like National Geographic (this is the one I used).
  35. Dry and press flowers
  36. Crystal shopping
  37. Group Canvas Paint
    • This is a great team bonding experience or a fun activity to do with family and friends. Buy one canvas per person, set a timer and paint for that amount of time, then rotate canvases. Repeat until you’re satisfied with your collaborative masterpiece!
  38. Draw on a sidewalk with chalk
  39. Deep clean your room
    • Who knows what treasures you’ll find buried under that stack of clothes under your bed.
  40. Visit the arch
  41. Go on a hike around St. Louis
    • my personal recommendations: Pickle Spring Natural Area (~1 hour 15 minute drive) and Don Robinson State Park (~45 minute drive). For more parks, check out our story on page 34 in the March 2022 sports issue.
  42. Go to Johnson Shut-Ins
  43. Tie-dye
  44. Popsicle making
    • What screams summer more than ice cream? Popsicles! Using popsicle molds, I recommend this one from Target, pour in your juice of choice, insert a popsicle stick, and freeze.
  45. Pot-luck picnic
  46. Go bike riding
  47. Play frisbee
    • Gather a group of friends to play frisbee or another game with. For more ideas check out this ranking of classic physical education games on pages 36 and 37 of our February 2022 issue.
  48. Become a grandmaster in chess
  49. Go to the Foundry
    • Check out this article on restaurants in the Foundry on pages 26 to 72 of our September 2021 issue.
  50. Stroll around Forest Park
  51. Shop at West County or Galleria mall
  52. Visit IKEA
    • Find interior design inspiration at IKEA, and maybe consider taking photos with the disposable camera (see #32).
  53. Bake cookies
    • Check out the Cookie Chemistry article on page 34 of our February 2022 issue.
  54. Crochet 
  55. Go through old photo albums
  56. Make a birdhouse
    • This is a project best fit for amateur carpenters and expert ones alike. You can even enlist a friend to paint the birdhouse for you. For interior decor inspiration, you may want to take a trip to IKEA (see #52).
  57. Go camping in your backyard
  58. Solve a puzzle
  59. Do it yourself pottery glazing
    • A relaxing activity to do with your friends, some local places include the Painted Zebra in Kirkwood and That Painting Spot in Creve Coeur. After entering the store, simply pick a piece (or two or three) of unfired pottery, select your paint palette and begin adding color to your pottery!
  60. Friendship bracelets
  61. Learn how to skateboard
  62. Windchimes
    • Make bead wind chimes with pieces of glass, metal, wood or plastic tied together with string.
  63. Repurpose old clothes
    • Breathe new life into old clothes. This is helping the environment and your closet!
  64. Make clothing for stuffed animals
  65. Build a lego city empire
    • Self explanatory!
  66. Learn self-defense
  67. Journal
  68. Learn card tricks
  69. Become a collector of… something
    • It could be lip balm, coins, mugs, etc.
  70. Test out stationary
    • Find some good pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. for the next school year.
  71. Origami
  72. Keep a dream diary
  73. Blow bubbles
  74. Create your own salad recipe
    • strawberries, feta, cucumber, spinach, all these could be possible ingredients in your new go-to salad!
  75. Create your own smoothie recipe
    • strawberries, feta, cucumber, spinach, all these could be possible ingredients in your new go-to smoothie. Okay, maybe not the feta. Or the cucumber. Or the spinach.
  76. Learn a new language
  77. Collage
  78. Go kayaking
  79. 3D puzzle
  80. Become a food critic
    • check out this article about our high school’s very own food critic on page 10-11 on our February 2022 issue.
  81. Go to the Art Museum
  82. Learn how to roller skate
    • The summer version of ice skating!
  83. Go to Six Flags
  84. Pick a restaurant and try out the entire menu
    • a task not to be accomplished in one sitting, of course.
  85. See a performance at the Muny
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85 Ideas for 85 Days of Summer Vacation