Ladue soccer beats MICDS

On Saturday Sep. 11, the Ladue boys varsity soccer team beat MICDS 4-1, continuing their undefeated season. This was their first home match at the high school this season. 

While there were a few key performances during the game, the one with the most impact on the final score was made by senior forward Grayson Francis. Francis recorded a hat trick during the match, and received his second player of the game this season. 

“All the goals I scored off the hat trick were off of [the opposing team’s] mistakes,” Francis said. “The ball just kinda popped up and I finished with my left foot for all three chances. I just didn’t think that I could do that.”

Also a captain on the team, Francis enjoys being held accountable for his effort in practice and in games. 

“I’m the captain of the team so I’m expected to perform well all the time, every game and score goals,” Francis said. “That’s what I try and do – my coach gets on me about it so I try and get the job done.”

The match against MICDS was a personal one for many of the players with MICDS being in such close proximity to Ladue. 

“Of course [there’s a rivalry],” junior defensive back Eli Tenenbaum said. “They are right down the road from us and we have to be the better [team] on the street and the better Rams.”

With another win under their belt, the team now looks ahead to the coming games with anticipation. 

“We are 6-0 and to lose right now would be to lose momentum,” Francis said. “We want to keep this drive going. Next we play Burroughs, Chaminade and Marquette, which are three really hard schools. We are really hoping we can win all three of them and become 9-0.”