Friday Night Lights

On Friday, September 13th, 2019, the very first Friday night football game in Ladue history occurred. The game broke in the brand new stadium, and this event has been long awaited. The stadium was the final piece of the recent construction to the school, and many people are relieved it is finally complete.

“It was nice to finally be done with the construction and to have this brand new stadium special to Ladue,” Sophomore Sydney Adams said. “The games at Kirkwood last year were fun, but it’s so much more special to be able to host games at our own school. There is a lot more connection and pride there. 

For both the students in the student section and the football players on the field, it was an experience they will never forget. 

“It was really cool being a part of the first Friday night lights at Ladue,” Sophomore Russell Malone, a linebacker for the football team said. “I think the stadium is special because it’s a new addition to Ladue that alumni and future students all get to experience.”

The stands were packed, with hundreds of people, students, teachers, alumni and parents all coming to support and to see the final result of the construction of the stadium.

“It was very cool, but slightly nerve wracking to look up and see so many parents, teachers, students, and alumni,” Malone said. “It put a little bit of pressure on us to perform better because there are so many fans watching who have been waiting for this moment,” 

However, there were some downfalls to the stadium. Due to the immense amount of people who came to watch the game and to see the stadium, there was a lot of overcrowding in the stands.  

“This might have been just because it was the first game and so many people went, but I think the student section is really small,” Adams said. “It was overflowing and I felt bad because all of the freshmen were pushed to the sides.”

This was one of the few drawbacks of the night, but this tiny problem was overshadowed by all of the excitement and happiness felt throughout the stadium. 

“It was really fun, even though it was super crowded,” Adams said. “Other than that, I had an amazing and  great time, and the football team winning made the experience even better.”