The Pros and Cons of dating in high school

September 15, 2021

Dating in high school? why not?

Dating? In high school? Of course, it’s a great idea! There are so many pros to dating in high school, but there is one pro that outweighs any cons that could possibly exist to dating in high school. Having cute couple moments that make everyone else jealous! 

A personal favorite among many, according to teenagers all across the country, is the classic exchange of hoodies. When one receives a hoodie coated in dog fur and the lingering smell of sweat, they can’t help but think ‘Yum! What a wonderful gift from my lovely significant other!’ 

Not to mention, making out in the middle of the hallways when everyone is trying to get to class. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to make out, according to many other teenagers across the country, because everyone gets to see how cute of a couple you are. It is also a wonderful reminder on one of the ways COVID-19 can be spread. 

Of course, you just cannot forget how absolutely adorable it is when someone talks about their significant other at any given time regardless of the topic of discussion. Getting to hear about my classmate’s love life, when I really just want to know when the class is ending, is always a pleasure! 

At the end of the day, dating is fun and easy and anyone can do it! Well, perhaps not anyone. However, there are just so many pros to this fun activity that it can’t hurt to try! That’s just one writer’s opinion though.

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Dating in high school? Hard pass…

To be completely 100 percent honest, dating in high school is probably the best decision you could ever make. But unfortunately, there are a few insignificant ”cons” that you should keep in mind can basically ignore. After spending at least 2 hours trying to think of examples, I could only come up with two: having difficulties focusing and the breakups/drama.

Firstly, dating could take your focus off of school work. Michelle Devani, a relationship expert, states, “All of your effort to be with [them] will instead distract you from studying hard which is absolutely essential.” Obviously, your relationship should always be your number one priority, but passing your classes should be second or third. Especially if your partner is in one of your classes, it’s essential that you do not hold hands and have side conversations for only half of the period.

Also, although there’s a low chance of it occurring, breakups could result from a highschool relationship. After being madly in love for a couple weeks, your favorite person suddenly feels like a stranger. However, a thousand other people attend your school and plenty live around you. An infinite amount of fish in the sea. Just take a detour in the hallways to avoid them and everything will be ok. 

As you can see, the “cons” of dating are pretty insignificant. Having a slight distraction and a slim chance of a breakup should not stop you from having your first experience with love. No pressure, though, I’m just trying to provide my expertise. 

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