Ricky Montgomery sings at his Eureka High School graduation. ((Ricky Montgomery))
Ricky Montgomery sings at his Eureka High School graduation.

(Ricky Montgomery)

St. Louis Star

Viral TikTok sensation and St. Louis based artist, Ricky Montgomery's career blossoms with tours beginning Nov. 18.

September 29, 2021

Born in California, Ricky Montgomery is an up and coming musician known for his hit singles “Talk to You,” “Line Without a Hook” and most notably “Mr. Loverman.” At three years old Montgomery moved from California to Missouri, where he went to Eureka high school. He then went on to drop of the University of Missouri. After joining multiple local bands in the “Midwest Emo.” After little success with these bands Montgomery found fame and followers on Vine, but when the app was shut down, Montgomery then began a music career started in a West County basement in St. Louis, which escalated to him playing gigs at local bars and restaurants. In fact, Montgomery’s last pre-COVID gig was at Bluebird hill in The Loop. 

Moving back to LA, he started a band with their childhood best friend Ben Russin and fellow ‘Viner’ Caleb Hurst. Montgomery took a gap year in 2019 to focus on other professional interest until he regained popularity in the summer of 2020.

Montgomery became a new musical sensation in 2019 TikTok when his 2016 single, “Mr. Loverman,” became a viral sound, spawning remixes and reverbs galore. From there, their other songs have gained popularity and he has gained recognition as a new and talented voice. The LA native was recently awarded a Gold single by Warner Records on Sept. 9, 2021. 

Though his album, self titled Ricky Montgomery, came out in 2016, they have only released one new song since then, a single and his reintroduction into the music industry, “Talk to You.” Montgomery explained that this song was one “about grief he (I) started writing on the ten year anniversary of his (my) dad’s death.” Montgomery released this song June 25, 2021. Montgomery voice over social media the message of their song relied on the idea of wanting to talk to those who are no longer in your life, such as exes, old friends, etc. Montgomery has also done musical collaborations with Mxmtoon on his hit song “Line Without a Hook.” As of two days ago, he promised that is his newest song, “Sorry for Me,” where to get fifty thousand pre saves on Spotify and Apple Music, they would release a teaser of the music video as well as a release date for the song. Montgomery has called this song, “the most personal one he’s ever written.”

As Montgomery gains popularity he plans to reenter the music industry with confidence from his recently found success. Starting on tours this fall Montgomery will go to locations such as Chicago and Atlanta, some of their tours even sold out the day tickets were put on sale. 

As Montgomery’s name becomes more and more familiar on social media and on performance center pamphlets, we can expect a stop on their next tour in St. Louis. Montgomery encourages crowds to be fully vaccinated and talks fondly about how he soon hopes visit and perform in St. Louis.

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