Why Milk and Cereal is Overrated


When I get up for school in the morning, I usually don’t enjoy much of anything. What I particularly don’t enjoy however, is cereal with milk. Cereal by itself isn’t too bad. It’s usually sweet, crunchy and provides enough energy. True, it may seem only overly sugary cereals are appealing, but even unflavored cereals taste fine by themselves. Pour some into a sandwich bag and you have energy on-the-go. Mix it with milk, however, and things start turning soggy fast. That’s one of the big problems with the combination right there. By the time you finish eating the flakes heaped on top, the unlucky ones at the bottom have been completely soaked through. Scoop them up, and you’re forced to confront their sad, limp forms. Leave them at the bottom of the bowl, and you’re required to scrape away the dregs along with whatever milk remains. That’s another issue right there. Milk is gross. It’s nauseating when hot, bland when cold and somehow even more terrible when lukewarm. Even when the cereal’s sugars permeate into the milk, you’re either left with sugary milk and soppy cereal, or bland milk and sweet, soppy cereal. Yes, the combination is fairly appealing at first, but the end result is too much of a struggle to finish. All of these factors, in addition to the selection of cereals that seem only to range from too sweet to too flavorless, give plenty reason to choose another breakfast food. Heck, even plain toast is a better choice.