Waffles vs Pancakes

Two delicious foods. Two versatile dishes. Two fan-favorite breakfast foods. One obvious choice?

Imagine this:

You wake up on a fall Saturday morning to a text from a friend asking if you want to go out to breakfast together. Dreaming of a delicious meal, you respond back “yes!” and moments later find yourself parking at a nearby coffee shop, fantasizing about the breakfast of your dreams. As you open the door to the coffee shop, you’re greeted by the iconic “coffee shop ambiance.” It consists of three main things — the overwhelming potent smell of coffee, light jazz music, and delicate chatter amongst local coffee addicts. 

You meet your friend, sit down, and open the menu. Although not as vast as the cheesecake factory menu, you may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of options. You see french toast, eggs, bacon, beans, avocado toast, etc, but to you, none of that matters. Your eye is set on the prize. You want the perfect combination of syrup-doused, fruit-covered, chocolate-drizzled happiness. But… what are you looking for? Pancakes or waffles?

180 people were asked this very question. 57% voted that waffles were better, while 43% said pancakes were better. Two students battle it out:

“I think pancakes are way easier to make yourself, plus it’s a lot simpler to put toppings in like blueberries or chocolate,” Senior Bix Maxwell said. “The texture ends up being better too.”

“I think waffles are supreme because when you put maple syrup on the waffle it stays there and doesn’t go everywhere,” Freshman Lena Orywall said. “I also think that waffles are better than pancakes because they’re more filling and they just in general taste better.”

While you may prefer to settle for a fluffy pancake over a crisp waffle (or vice versa), I think many can agree that overall, both options have the potential to be mouthwatering delicious breakfast foods.