Ram Shack grand opening held Sept. 14


Fiona Ferguson

Students line up to purchase items at the Ram Shack’s grand opening.

The Ram Shack officially reopened Tuesday, Sept. 14 during all lunch shifts. The grand opening was held on the cafeteria stage and began with a raffle in which students purchased tickets for a prize of a $25 Ram Shack gift card. 

The Ram Shack, a part of the Business Management class taught by Jessica Kennedy was closed all of last year due to COVID-19. This year, it will be open during football and basketball games as well as all lunch shifts on Ram and White days. 

Social media has become an increasingly bigger part in the Business Management class and the revival of the Ram Shack. Junior Mia Wallis, the head of the Ram Shack’s social media, has been promoting the reopening as well as new products set to come in later this fall. 

“We use promotional opportunities like giveaways and other things to get people’s attention,” Wallis said. “Like a way to get more followers.” 

The expansion of the Ram Shack’s social media presence has grown in the past few months, and in addition to their pre-COVID Instagram, the student staff has also created a TikTok account and Facebook. 

“We also just started Facebook because we have different target markets,” Kennedy said. “High school students, middle school students are a big target market, but they’re going to look more on Instagram and Tik Tok whereas parents who are another one of our big markets, they’re going to look a little bit more at Facebook, so we’re trying to differentiate and target all of our markets, and social media plays a big part. We’re starting to do giveaways on our Instagram and different promotions to raise awareness about the Ram Shack, as well as increase school spirit.” 

The Ram Shacks return will continue to be promoted through social media and will pursue planning promotional opportunities such as a fashion show the week of homecoming. The importance of the Ram Shack being in person is seen by students of the class as well as the Ladue community. 

“Just being physically present was a big shift last year,” Kennedy said. “But this year we’re back in person full on.”