Euphoria Predictions *SPOILERS*


I don’t think I am alone when I say season 2 of “Euphoria” left me extremely disappointed. I was very happy with the production; the aesthetic and quality of the show continue to get better. In addition, I would argue there is no weak link among the group of young actors. However, season 2 started off with so much hope but fell completely flat by the end. There were so many storylines that have been left unanswered. Everyone went into the final episode hoping that the director and creator of the show Sam Levinson would tie off some loose ends, but (spoiler warning) it seemed that Nate and Cal’s issue was the only thing even slightly resolved. Instead of dwelling on everything that didn’t happen, I am going to give my predictions and hopes for season 3. Once again, SPOILER WARNING!!!
First and foremost, I hope Maddy gets everything she wants and more in season 3. She was treated horribly this season. Not only did she have to deal with a toxic ex that threatened her with a gun, but also a terrible liar and joke of a “best friend.” I really, really hope that nothing bad comes from the woman she babysits for… I got some questionable vibes from her. I predict that she will be in the spotlight more next season and that something will come from the Cassie storyline.
Next, I think that most of season 3 will take place in the courtroom. We know that Fez is obviously going to jail. However, I think people forget that he is the community drug dealer for everyone in the show. I imagine a season similar to “13 Reasons Why” where all of the main and side characters are brought in to testify in some way. I imagine that this plot will cause many issues within the parent and child relationships of the show as well, like Rue and her mom. As much as I love Fez, he is for sure getting locked up.
Another prediction I have is that Ethan will make his way to the main group somehow. This may be crazy, but I feel like there is going to be a romantic relationship between him and Maddy. I think it would be so fun to have such an unexpected pairing in the show. He is such a great character, he is one of the only people without a lot of conflicts. Plus, I think everyone would love another musical montage from Ethan.
Finally, I predict that Lexi and Cassie will have one of the biggest fights of the show, even bigger than the Cassie and Maddy one. We already saw Cassie freak out during the play, but I have a feeling she has a lot more anger to go. I will admit, Lexi may have stepped over the line (especially with the carousel scene). I honestly don’t know who would win this fight, but I am confident it isn’t going to go over lightly.
Overall, I hope that Levinson will hear the complaints from this last season and do a better job of consistency in the plot. It is still such a great show, but there need to be improvements.