Emerson Barnett

“Starting at 6pm tonight (Friday, April 17) I am running 1 mile (1.1 miles for the first two miles) at the top of every hour for 26 hours straight. My last mile will be at 8pm tomorrow night (Saturday, April 18th). So, essentially, I will have run 26.2 miles in 26 hours! But the best part- it’s not just me! I’m doing it with a whole group of people! It’s been really amazing so far. We are fundraising for the St. Louis Crisis Nursery! The organization aims to provide a short-term safe haven for any child whose families are affected by homelessness, illness, domestic violence, or parental stress. The work they have done for families in St. Louis is amazing, and I know it will become increasingly important due to COVID-19. [With a post of Instagram] I explained the challenge, the cause, asked people to call me at the top of any hour, and said anyone was invited to join in! Then, I asked people individually. All the conversations started with one question: ‘Wanna do something crazy?’ The challenge grew so much which has been amazing to see. I feel so appreciative that so many people were willing to jump aboard this crazy idea and get to running. Many friends and families are now involved. I have been telling everyone involved to bring meaning to this challenge in their own way, and as long as they feel accomplished, that’s perfection. I am a big believer in staying positive, connecting with others, loving life, as well as being grateful to be able to do this health-wise. I hope to keep that mentality throughout the challenge! I run on a daily basis, but I didn’t train any certain way in order to run 26.2 miles in 26 hours. I did this on a whim (sort of a ‘Why not?’ mentality). By getting people rallied up and hyped to do this with me, it really got me ready in the right mindset to run. My mom has been running miles with a friend down the street, and my brother has run every mile, so far, as well. It’s great to feel supported.”

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