Dance Marathon moves event to April

Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, executive leaders of Dance Marathon have officially moved their event from February to April.

One of the most meaningful parts of the event is hearing from the miracle kids themselves. The safety of the miracle kids and participants at the event are the directors’ number one priority, which is why the date was pushed back. The executive directors, Julia Tullman and Lily Klein, hope that moving the event back a few months will allow the Miracle kids to attend. 

“Pushing our event back would increase the likelihood that these children will be able to attend an outdoor, in-person event in the spring,” Tullman said. “We do this all for them, so we really want them there to hear their stories!”

While the main event has been moved back, participants can look forward to many upcoming fundraisers. Dance Marathon posts details and new fundraisers on their Instagram: @laduedm. They are planning on hosting dancer rallies during seminar and are working on another Orange Theory fundraiser. Right now they are hosting a Blues ticket raffle. Participants can buy raffle tickets for $25, for the chance to win more than $800 worth of Alumni box tickets. 

“We have partnered with the Blues, and the St. Louis Blues Alumni Association has been so generous as to donate four tickets to the alumni suite at Enterprise Center.” Tullman said, “This is a super awesome opportunity and we are so thankful that the Blues have chosen to work with us.”

Throughout this year so far the executive board has worked extremely hard planning and fundraising for the kids. They had great success in their competition week against Clayton. They have also continued the traditional fundraiser, pieing teachers in the face during lunch. This was Executive Fundraising Chair Sophia May’s favorite fundraiser so far. Throughout the next few months they are going to continue to fundraise and plan. 

“I hope that people know that we are really trying to have this event be fun for both the dancers and the miracle kids! We would love for the whole school community to rally behind this great organization,” May said.