Burnout: flying too close to the sun

December 14, 2021

The fall of Icarus recounts the tragic fate of a man who attempted to fly. In order to escape an island, Icarus uses wings of wax and feathers gifted to him by his father. But he ignores his father’s warnings and flies higher and higher and higher, until his wings melt and burn apart. Icarus falls back to the earth, to the sea, to his demise.

And centuries later, now, living in the 21st century rather than in ancient Greek civilization, we too are again being enticed by the possibilities of excellence.

During this uneasy return to school, burnout was essentially inevitable. However, instead of simmering in our own worries, we must combat this burnout pandemic together by learning and listening.


Below are the stories of various members of Ladue telling their own stories and experiences with burnout.

David Ciorba (11)
MJ Bezzant (10)
Eileen Suarez (12)
Bohan Pan (9)
Anonymous (12)
Alyson Levine (Teacher)
Dr. Claire Welton (Counselor)

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