Alon Barzilay

[The hardest part of quarantine is] not being able to see friends. [Instead], I’ve been either going to work or playing video games. I work at Schnucks near the school on the corner of Lindbergh and Clayton. [The store] is pretty slow now. We have some days when toilet paper is in and we get a lot of people. When there isn’t much to get, everyone is scared to leave the house so not many people get to Schnucks even though it is considered an essential workplace. We now have to count how many people come into the store and our cap is 127 people. We also have to wipe down the carts with hand sanitizer for people that come [into] the store. [The motivation is] money and the sense that I am helping the community the only way I can. I am grateful that both my parents have jobs and that I am not in a bad position. I also have some stuff to do around the house so I don’t get bored.

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