Schuyler Wolf

“I would say just to try hard and not give up too easily. In like sports and in school, if there’s a hard assignment or I guess with swimming when we have a lot of laps to swim, I just need to tell myself that it’s obviously not going to go on forever and I need to push through it and it’ll be all fine in the end. Back in eighth grade, I got a pretty low grade on a math test and my grade dropped to a B and my teacher told me I probably wouldn’t be able to get it back up to an A. So because he said that, it made me really want to get it back up to an A. I worked really hard and I studied a lot for the last few tests before the end of the semester and I was able to get my grade back up to an A and now it’s just really showed me that it’s important to try your hardest and not give up, like I proved my teacher wrong and he didn’t think I’d get my grade back up to an A but I was able to.”