INDIE CLUTTER Sophomore Madison Davidson stands by her adorned windowsill, looking toward the bed in their room. The inspiration she gained for her bedroom’s decoration came from apps like TikTok and Pinterest. This inspiration, in combination with her interests, have seeped into the decorations that live in both the crevices and open spaces of her room. “I feel like if you walk in, you can see [that] this girl likes anime, and not only does she like anime, she likes a bunch of vintage [stuff],” Davidson said. “I feel like once you walk into my room, you can tell [who] I am.”(Photos by Sydney Collinger)

Senior Mate Daus sits on his bed at his house in the Tower Grove neighborhood Nov. 8. His room’s eclectic nature is a product of his collections, from flea markets to his grandparents’ house. The trinkets in his room showcase all of his interests, which range from Disney to the Muppets to vinyls and movies. “There’s just so many little things to look at,” Daus said. “And every little object in here has a story, so I think that’s what I enjoy the most [about my room].”(Photos by Sydney Collinger)