Put up that British Flag!

Put up that British Flag!

This is not a call for the person reading this to place that British Flag they’ve had on their mind on a wall in their bedroom. But without doing this, the bedroom you call home may be bare and to have bare walls is to be uncool, and who wants to be uncool? Continuing on…

Every morning I am woken up by the alarm from my phone that then transmits to my brain to turn it off immediately and sleep for two more minutes before the next goes off. I put my alarms in 3 or 4 minute increments. It may sound silly, and it is because it barely works, but sometimes it does. I’m like Pavlov’s dog. The more I have my alarm go off, the more I’ll salivate. I can’t remember how the experiment went, I did a semester of psychology online.

But my wake up is all that and anyone could ever dream of. What makes it the most special is not the Trader Joe’s version of Takis laying beside my head(with a chip clip on top, because I’m not a criminal), and not the ACT prep book either. It’s the multiple pieces of “media” on my wall. And by media I do not mean the Post Dispatch. 

The main action in the media category on my wall comes from the British flag, the size of my normal sized head. Representing more than imperialism, colonialism and Boris Johnson himself. It represents the room I call my own. By having it on my wall I am reclaiming the British Flag, because why should it represent Britain on my walls? No hate for the British, they are adequate people, like most of their food. 

A recent, not entirely encounter, I had with British people was overhearing two British boys passing a “football” on a Florida beach in their little English accents. One of the boys’ names was Lennon. Probably after John Lennon. Choices can be hard. The interactions I have with the British add on to the meaning of the British flag that I see in my peripheral vision every morning when I wake up, or afternoon even. 

Having nothing on your walls can be so boring.  Reclaim your room and put up the British flag, or perhaps a cardboard cutout of Margaret Thatcher, your choice. But remember to stick your own meaning to it.