Chicken Sandwich Controversy


When one walks into the Ladue cafeteria any day other than Tuesday there seems to be a lingering sadness spread over the room. This sadness drags people down and creates a generally unhappy mood within the room. Although on Tuesdays the cafeteria sings with joy. The entire room seems to emit light and delicious smells fill the room. Students smile with glee as they make their way to the only thing that matters during lunch on Tuesdays, securing a spicy chicken sandwich. 

One may ask what makes this fabled Tuesday spicy chicken sandwich so special. This is not an easy question to answer but I will try my best. The bun is delicately soft and supple. The buns contrast with the spice of the chicken with a slight sweetness. The chicken is a large breast of all white meat chicken and feels like the chicken from a gourmet sandwich. The breading on the chicken is top tier. It stays crispy and flavorful without seeming over breaded and greasy. Finally the seasoning on the chicken finds the perfect heat level, causing a small mouth burn but not enough to turn one away from the sandwich. All in all the spicy chicken sandwich is easily the best item that the high school cafeteria serves. 

One may also ask why, if the sandwich is so good, is it not offered every day of the week. I have been asking myself the same question. As a very simple dish I would think that the cafeteria staff would enjoy making the sandwiches. There is also very clear student support for the dish. All of the factors in play suggest that the spicy chicken sandwich should be served everyday, not just Tuesdays. I urge the administration here at Ladue to do the logical thing and start serving the spicy chicken sandwich everyday.